Additional Services

Maintenance, Renovations and Refurbishments

The houses in Spain are beautiful but often there has not changed much since the construction. This requires a perfect maintenance, and sometimes it’s better to deal with a space in more detail. Yes, refurbishment or renovations of living spaces cost money. However, this investment increases the comfort during your own stay and directly affects the returns on rental or sale.

You can count on us for all your refurbishments from small to large.

Inquire about the possibilities or make an appointment for a quote.

Check out the website: for more information or contact Guido Janssens by phone at +34 673 829 751 or by Email at

Maintenance and renovation fees

In case of maintenance of the house or repairs and renovations, Mar y Sol Villas works with Janssens Reformas on a quotation basis. But when we also take care of your property management, you can expect € 15 per hour. The hourly rate for emergency repairs is € 20 per hour.

For larger works, we will offer a quote after inventory of the work.

NOTE: All rates mentioned are ex. 21% IVA.