Property Management

Have you purchased your dream home in Spain, but you are not in Spain all year long?

No worries, your holiday home is in safe hands with Mar y Sol Villas.

Mar y Sol Villas offers you various packages and services to ensure your home is well maintained. We provide key management, check-ups and other services, depending on your needs and demands. We make sure you feel at ease when you are not in Spain.

You probably have some questions about the rental of your property:

  • How do I get everything arranged from back home?
  • How should I welcome the tenants?
  • How and when should I hand them the keys?
  • Who does the cleaning, the laundry, …

With our rental and management service package,
Mar y Sol Villas will organize everything for you.

Our standard package includes:

  • Rental service and key management.
  • Check for any traces of burglary.
  • Check for any (storm) damage to your home / domain.
  • Check all hinges, locks and alarm system.
  • Checking and preventing pests (vermin).
  • Checking the water supply, flushing of toilets and all faucets.
  • Check the gas connections.
  • Checking the electricity, sometimes it is unjustly cut off.
  • Ventilation of the house (the prevention of moisture so that fungus does not get a chance).
  • Collecting your mail and forwarding it to your home address or by email.
  • If necessary, we will be the first contact at the alarm center (if there is an alarm).
  • If defects have been found in your home, we will find a suitable solution in consultation with you.
  • If desired, we may also be the contact person at your insurance company to report any damage.

Rental service and key management:

  • When renting, we will gladly welcome your tenants. We will show your tenants around your home (operating appliances, television, air conditioning, …)
  • We give your tenants practical information and interesting tips about the area.
  • We receive the warranty deposit (if necessary) and hand over the keys.
  • If desired, we can arrange for a welcome pack (in consultation with the owner). This is often a pleasant surprise for your tenants, especially with late arrivals, if the stores are already closed.
  • All tenants will receive our telephone number so that we can assist them in an emergency.
  • We will check out your tenants and perform a final check-up. The property and equipment are checked for defects. The deposit will be refunded within 10 days (if applicable).